OK, so I haven’t kept up with my xanga since I signed up, but I have time on my hands right now.

I want EVERYONE to know how fucked up it is that my name has been taken as a domain by some punk =oP Even my nickname,D-dot, has been taken! How messed up is that?! ::sigh:: Shouldn’t be so busy…

BTW,YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! We got the Sutton apartment!!! ::do a little dance:: Goodbye sad ass dorms and beastly dyke roomate =o) (hopefully mom and dad will agree this is a good move, tehehe!) Josephine and I are gonna get to preview our new place today! Tell ya how it is lata…

Oh yeah! I also got my DDR stuff up and working =oD Fun times, mm hmm!

I can’t wait to go home on MONDAY!!! Yayness =o)


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