LOL, I got in a fight with the fat-ass, mother fucking (literally), loud mouth dyke last night. She tried to have the pussy fag sleep over AGAIN in her bed without giving me a clue. Wouldn’t be so bad if the little pussy hadn’t threatened me, but fuck, he did, and he was gonna get his ass kicked!

I think the best part was the part where SHE tried to deny the fact that he threatened me and the KID had nothing to say because he knew what he did! What a shitty liar, lol Oh yeah, I also found out my RA doesn’t have the ability to kick people out, so I had to do it. I basically said that it was my room, too, b/c I did pay 2 grand like the smelly and not-funny-though-she-thinks-she-is roomate. So, why the hell should I sleep in another room when the scrawny, 120 lbs dork ass punk could get a cab back to his room?! Anyway, I went back to room to sleep knowing that if that dumbass tried to sleep in my room, the police would be involved this time.

And yay! Mommy got sooo mad at the situation (she doesn’t like me fighting and usually isn’t on my side, so surprisingly she did this time) that she said I could go to the apartments!!! YAY Josephine and I are gonna have mad fun and make the place hella hot =oD

Dude, so much work to get to…


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  1. hiiiiiiiiiiiii daisy!!!!
    doncha LOVE dyke roomies?  my roomie 2 yrs ago had naked tea parties and pictures of nasty things on the walls.  it was a great *gag*
    come back to long island soon cuz i haven’t seen u in lots of years and i’m actually living *gasp* like 30 minutes away!  i miss u!!!
    ~shirlee 🙂

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