Merry Christmas Eve! Haven’t been on since I got back to LI. LOL, moving was a bitch but my lil sis was the best help in the world! Chris was beyond wonderful for taking time off work to come to Buff to help me move =o) I’m soooo lucky

BTW, last week before christmas shopping is hell! Remind me to never do it again!!! The fun went out of shopping =oP

Miss you, Jo! and all the rest still in Buff :o( Can’t wait to see everyone and give *HUGGLES!* tehehe

*muah* Time for gift wrapping!

Forgot to add this food for thought that Sam came up with:

“Cheating does not mean you stopped or stop loving the person you’re currently with. It just happens that you slipped and it was all phyiscal anyway =o)”

LOL, who THINKS she’s ready for this chem final

So Sam and I had the most interesting two hour convo. Been such a long time since I talked to this one =o) For all the ladies out there, watch out – he’s mad ass funny, smart, rich, sweet and charming Especially when he has his lil Yuki with him!!! Ahhh, that pup is way too cute!!! Unfortunately, he’s finally been tied down

We remininsced over our “player days” though Sam feels he never was a player at heart. I know I was right there though I never got physical – I like the mind fucking and how simple some guys are made. For all you sorry ass playas out there, some words of advice = neva play with a heartless player (ME! ;o) It’s all gonna bite me in the ass one day, I know it, LOL

Okay, lemme just tell everyone how crazy my birthday was – Jo and I def had a blast =o) My new addiction is Bacardi “o” tehehe

Finals suck though I think I did pretty damn well on my bio lab practical =oP

Damn, gotta bounce