So my lesbian lover decides she’s not lesbo anymore. How sad is that? well i guess i’ll get over it. At least I have Chris. Being Bisexual kinda has its advantages. I kinda feel a little upset tho . . . I mean did I turn her straight??? I dunno what do you guys think???

btw, that was josephine… she thought this was HER xanga… oops!


Thank you for an incredible year and mores to come! I didn’t think I would love again (but who does after bad breaks ups?), but I not only love you, I am a part of you. Everyday I wake up and my heart accelerates at the thought of you. When I finally hear your voice, I can smile… It is impossibly difficult being so far away when I miss your touch, your kiss and being with you. This past weekend is as unforgettable as Niagara Falls/Casino, CT night drives, Playland, walks along the beach and Bubble Tea, tehehe I cherish every moment we have together, especially morning ramblings and sillyness ;o) Life’s gift to me is you. I promise to make and keep you happy, doing whatever it takes because you are my everything:

All I want, All I need, All I have

Love is blind if you can still love the person who tried to kill you, huh, hunny LOL or maybe you’re just crazy

Stay all the “-fuls”; wonderful, beautiful, joyful, you know the rest ;oD

*muah & huggles*

Oh, for everyone else –

Love like it’s the first time, accept love whenever you get the chance to and return it with equal passion, don’t turn love away and don’t be afraid of it, let love penetrate your being and ALWAYS tell the people you care about that you love them, everyday…

Let me tell the world the GOD I have for a boyfriend. Not only does he take me on trips, buy me stuff and give me hamsters for christmas, Chris actually puts up with my BS and loves me regardless of it

UGH! I have to go back to Buffalo on sunday!!! Me gonna cry, cry, CRY! Somebody work a miracle…