Let me tell you how much I just LOVE people who are so fucking fake! You coming running to me with your problems, your inefficencies, and other bullshit because you know I’m here for you. What you don’t realize is three strikes and you’re fucking down on your luck!!!

I’m the best friend you could ever have and you use me like I’m someone you can afford to push aside. Well sweetheart, here’s the new flash – what goes around comes around, ten times harder. When you need me again, I won’t fucking be here for you. In fact, I will laugh in your face and turn my back on you, leaving you to the fate of the world. At least when you had me as a friend, you knew 100% that someone had your back.

Go back to blindly following your friends and putting up with their bullshit! I tried to help make you a better person and even give you a chance to experience shit you’ll never get to now. Fuck you, royally. You’re a sorry ass mother fucker who I will regret everyday befriending. You were once a friend and that is worth more than you will ever make or imagine. That made you a somebody and priceless in my eyes. Now you’re the nobody life screws with and the nothing that death claims.

I apologize for making even one of your days bright and drawing a smile from that frown. You were a waste of my time… shit

Who the fuck do you think you are?

Stepping into my life, ready to take my heart?

Baby, where the Hell did you come from?

Think you can tame me and rule my kingdom?


Take a look and go back a few steps ,child

You’re not ready to encounter this kind of wild

That’s right, bow your head in total shame

You know your ass is just too damn lame


I feel bad for the mother who gave birth to you

You’re a disappointment and you know it’s true

Your stylish clothes and jacked up attitude

Are enough to put any girl in a Big Bad mood


Screw your “sweet talk” and clumsy touch

No girl could want that bullshit and such

Do the world a favor and just stay at home

I hope you get the message from this poem


You’re fucking ugly: inside and out

You’re nothing to swoon about

You’re cold, mean and just cruel

You can’t even make a dog drool


Honey, you’re absolutely nothing

A nobody; just a sorry ass fling

You don’t have the heart or looks

Stay low cause ya still a silly rook



I can fool everyone else and say I’m happy that you’re gone.
But that’s not the way it is, when I am sitting here alone.

I make them think I’m over you and glad that we’re through.
But deep inside my heart, I know that’s not the truth.

I don’t miss you, I don’t care, that’s what I always say.
But honestly, I miss you each and everyday.

I smile and act as if everything is just fine.
Knowing that you are constantly on my mind.

I say we’re better off just being friends.
But really I wish our relationship didn’t end.

I have hurt and cried so many tears.
And I pretend that my feelings for you have all disappeared.

I can’t deny these feelings that are being felt.
I can lie to everyone, but I can’t fool myself…


I won’t let these tears fall

from beneath my eyelids

and trickle down my face

to burn the wounds I feel


Because if I do, I’ll know

I’ve really lost your love

and I’ll lack the strength

to take back my heart


This watery vision does

nothing for my confusion

My shuddering breaths

do nothing for my soul


I’m withdrawing into me

to hide into dark places

Because I feel the hurt

from me that stabs you


But that won’t stop the

first tear from escaping

and cutting deep, it only

makes the others follow

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep.

If I die before I wake,

I pray the Lord my soul to take…


I lost my sweet dreams

and fell into very dark nightmares.

Love isn’t what it seems

to be because no one truly cares.


I resent who you are

and I hate myself for doing so.

Loneliness isn’t far

from everything I’ll ever know.


Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep.


I’m crying deep inside and

A smile is what you will want to see,

and maybe that’s all you can

because you can’t understand me…


I wish so much you could enter    

the broken world I live in but

my healing heart remains tender

and I can’t stand your touch


If I die before I wake,

I pray the Lord my soul to take…


I want you to love me yet

there are times I wish you don’t.

I know that after you get

to know me, you definitely won’t.


I’m killing myself in little ways

and forgetting that precious light inside

Loving someone doesn’t pay

The end is always tears and a goodbye


Now I lay me down to sleep,

I pray the Lord my soul to keep.

If I die before I wake,

I pray the Lord my soul to take…

Ladies and gents, I present to you, some of Daisy’s most prized poems:

I used to love the rain


I think back to the time I saw

him for the first time in a year

and the anticipation I felt

for someone I loved


I think how I got lost trying to

find his home

how my mom laughed with me

over the situation


I think about the soft rain

how it was a bad hair day

yet he reached out to

gently caress my hair


I think how we strolled

through the sweet rain

and the reflective puddles

that I jumped over with him


I think how crystal clear

everything was besides

the cloudiness of the day

just that he was with me


I think how the sound of

the rain was soft and warm

how his embrace was just

the same as the sound of rain


I think about the time my tears

fell like the rain. The second he

told me he didn’t love me anymore,

that there was someone else


It’s raining

I used to love the rain.


Alright, so I’m just hatin on humanity lately but there’s not much to love.. so fuck off if you’re offended =oD

GIRLS! Wear clothes that FIT! If your gut is protruding OVER your pants, it means GET A BIGGER SIZE! Belly shirts were not made so you could disgust everyone who encountered you!!! You actually WOULD LOOK THINNER if you had clothes that covered your fat rolls and disguised the fact that you jiggle when you walk. No, I’m not the thinniest of girls (do I look fucking anorexic?!) nor am I modelesque, but I DO respect others and save them the horror of a love handle show (nope, don’t have those either, sorry). Did I hurt your feelings? Do you have body images now? Good, get to work and fix it

Now for the fatasses who talk so much shit about other girls b/c they think they’re all that and a bag of chips. Ladies, you’re all that and a ton of lard! Maybe you lost a couple of hundred pounds, you still look fat and you have no right to put down others just so you feel you lost more than what you did. Why you ditching ya friends who were there for you when people were making you feel like crap? Reality check! You musta been a crappy person even as a whale on land b/c I see no improvement! damn