Alright, so I’m just hatin on humanity lately but there’s not much to love.. so fuck off if you’re offended =oD

GIRLS! Wear clothes that FIT! If your gut is protruding OVER your pants, it means GET A BIGGER SIZE! Belly shirts were not made so you could disgust everyone who encountered you!!! You actually WOULD LOOK THINNER if you had clothes that covered your fat rolls and disguised the fact that you jiggle when you walk. No, I’m not the thinniest of girls (do I look fucking anorexic?!) nor am I modelesque, but I DO respect others and save them the horror of a love handle show (nope, don’t have those either, sorry). Did I hurt your feelings? Do you have body images now? Good, get to work and fix it

Now for the fatasses who talk so much shit about other girls b/c they think they’re all that and a bag of chips. Ladies, you’re all that and a ton of lard! Maybe you lost a couple of hundred pounds, you still look fat and you have no right to put down others just so you feel you lost more than what you did. Why you ditching ya friends who were there for you when people were making you feel like crap? Reality check! You musta been a crappy person even as a whale on land b/c I see no improvement! damn


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