Who the fuck do you think you are?

Stepping into my life, ready to take my heart?

Baby, where the Hell did you come from?

Think you can tame me and rule my kingdom?


Take a look and go back a few steps ,child

You’re not ready to encounter this kind of wild

That’s right, bow your head in total shame

You know your ass is just too damn lame


I feel bad for the mother who gave birth to you

You’re a disappointment and you know it’s true

Your stylish clothes and jacked up attitude

Are enough to put any girl in a Big Bad mood


Screw your “sweet talk” and clumsy touch

No girl could want that bullshit and such

Do the world a favor and just stay at home

I hope you get the message from this poem


You’re fucking ugly: inside and out

You’re nothing to swoon about

You’re cold, mean and just cruel

You can’t even make a dog drool


Honey, you’re absolutely nothing

A nobody; just a sorry ass fling

You don’t have the heart or looks

Stay low cause ya still a silly rook