Ladies and gents, I present to you, some of Daisy’s most prized poems:

I used to love the rain


I think back to the time I saw

him for the first time in a year

and the anticipation I felt

for someone I loved


I think how I got lost trying to

find his home

how my mom laughed with me

over the situation


I think about the soft rain

how it was a bad hair day

yet he reached out to

gently caress my hair


I think how we strolled

through the sweet rain

and the reflective puddles

that I jumped over with him


I think how crystal clear

everything was besides

the cloudiness of the day

just that he was with me


I think how the sound of

the rain was soft and warm

how his embrace was just

the same as the sound of rain


I think about the time my tears

fell like the rain. The second he

told me he didn’t love me anymore,

that there was someone else


It’s raining

I used to love the rain.