Let me tell you how much I just LOVE people who are so fucking fake! You coming running to me with your problems, your inefficencies, and other bullshit because you know I’m here for you. What you don’t realize is three strikes and you’re fucking down on your luck!!!

I’m the best friend you could ever have and you use me like I’m someone you can afford to push aside. Well sweetheart, here’s the new flash – what goes around comes around, ten times harder. When you need me again, I won’t fucking be here for you. In fact, I will laugh in your face and turn my back on you, leaving you to the fate of the world. At least when you had me as a friend, you knew 100% that someone had your back.

Go back to blindly following your friends and putting up with their bullshit! I tried to help make you a better person and even give you a chance to experience shit you’ll never get to now. Fuck you, royally. You’re a sorry ass mother fucker who I will regret everyday befriending. You were once a friend and that is worth more than you will ever make or imagine. That made you a somebody and priceless in my eyes. Now you’re the nobody life screws with and the nothing that death claims.

I apologize for making even one of your days bright and drawing a smile from that frown. You were a waste of my time… shit