EggRo11Up: i think i’ve run out of fuel for my soul…


So I hear you’ve run out of fuel for your soul

That life is crappy, tough and takin its toll

Just wanna, no have to tell you, my best friend

I’ll be your gas station right here til the end


Yes, it’s cheesy and lame, but you know it’s real

A friend’s got to get a friend’s back – that’s the deal

I’m right here baby when you need to know why

You get outta bed everyday not to die


You could slit your wrists and OD whenever

Leave this shitty place and Hell hole forever

But there’s so much more to it than that, my friend

It’s about sticking together through thick and thin


The world’s a little bit brighter due to you

The colors of your soul eliminate gray hues

Stay true to yourself and everyone you know

Then see how your reasons for living will grow


Some people choose to live simply cuz you do

It’s frightening responsibility, but true

I cried when I thought you may have lost the light

Then I realized, you would never give up the fight


You’re a better person than most people are

You dare to dream your dreams and wish upon stars

You know you’ve got this down like no other

You can go on one day after another


I know you’re lying when you say you’re done

There’s more than enough soul fuel for one last run

You don’t need me to tell you why you go on

Before I even refuel your soul, you’ve gone…




Always here for you Bubba


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