This is for you:


I’m not kidding when I say I’ll cry
It’s gonna be hard to make my goodbyes
I’m so happy I met you and you
Had friends in a place oh so new


You know you better keep in touch
Cuz I’m gonna miss you so damn much!
Not gonna be the same without your smile
It’s gonna be lonely and sad for a lil while


I’m gonna miss hugs, laughs and dinner
Snowboarding and toughing out winter

Please tell me you’ll write and call

That we’ll still be friends by Fall


I won’t forget you and maybe you’ll do the same

Years from now, I’ll still know your face and name
Say, “See you later, Daisy” instead of forever goodbye

So that with our last hug, I won’t break down and cry…



Matthew – *HUGGLES*, din din, monkey in the middle, China King, Basketball, CSE 101, tickles, understanding me and being an awesome friend!

Andy – random chats in Chinese, endless compliments, long talks, basketball and a source of stability and caring =o)

Matt – basketball games you ref’d, going to the mall, NOT teaching me how to drive a stick, Peeps!, sponge candy, ruining each other’s lives on AIM, monkey in the middle and trying to get a girl for me ;o)

Jedimus (pavs) – snowboarding, Finals week (FUN week), dinner, lobsters and fettucini alfredo, Chinese smile, yellow fleece, crazy eyes, endless laughs, taking care of me when I’m sick or sad, Canada, bad sense of direction, nicknames, notes, random  thoughts/convos, busted face/neck, and sooo much more!!!!!

Justin – English class, Hawaiian parties in your room, seeing you more as a Southie than Ellicott resident, losing your book (police!), talking about books, movies and music, making up random stories online cuz you’re bored and always listening to your crack up comments :oD

Sarah – how BORING chem lab would have been without you! Tom had a nervous breakdown cuz of us… well me, but still! Dinner at Bobby McGee’s, meaningful conversations and your bright smile made UB bearable =oD

Jake – couldn’t have passed Chem 101 without ya and Lubovich was ready to kill you for your snuff comments =oP

Josephine – girl! we have WAY too many memories for xanga to hold all of!!! Let’s see, rushing together, BUBBLE TEA, CASINO, OUR BIRTHDAYS, clubs/parties, Kimchi bokum bob and meh wan dak with extra ham, Sutton place in 3 weeks, snowboarding (break our asses much?!), dinners at your place, “love”, teaching Jenn how to dance like a stripper and I dont even know what else we DIDN’T do ;oD

Sean – the big brother I never had, CSE 101, Chem 101 lab, dinners, Drunk Sean I never saw and CSE 101 labs 5 min before they’re due :o)


Adrian – “Age”, Chem 101 and 102 recitation/lab assholes, tennis, World Civ 111, Bio 200 and 201, biotech majors basically, Dr. Whiteside and her class, lunch and dinner, never studying and always making it to chem test JUST ON TIME :oP

Tom – Bio 200 Lab, Chem Lab, avoiding Mox, hanging out w/ you, Joe, Roman, and Seth, World Civ, UB 101 (DAMN, we had a lot of classes together) and going to the World Civ test with you a bloody mess, tehehe

Colin – teaching me how to snowboard and feeding me HOT HOT HOT wings, lol

Romie – getting math notes to me!!!!!!!!

Nick – you were the FUNNIEST character with Adrian


more to come…