You know you seriously have some nerve. I told you I didn’t want to go becuz I was broke and you said you’re giving me $100 canadian to gamble with since you were up a couple hundred. And you said that you would trust me to win some $ and give it back to ya. And with that I said okay and we went. I ended up losing. So obviously I wouldn’t be giving back your money. I NEVER wouldve gambled with borrowed money especially since I knew I was broke & prolly continue to be broke for a while. And you know that so how could you come back to me and ask for the money back? AND especially after what I have been through. And obviously our friendship doesn’t mean much to you considering you didn’t believe me when I told you everything that had happened. You actually had to call sutton place and find out shit on me – as if I lied. And your attitude towards me throughout all this has been pretty shitty. Telling me to go back and win your money back. Well girl, I went there with 30 bux – my ONLY 30 bux which was suppose to support me for 2 weeks, since I have been pretty much paying full rent ALONE & there’s a rent increase – and I lost it. I only went becuz of your constant pressure to get your money back. So from my careful analysis of our relationship and of you, it is obvious that all you care about is your hundred canadian and your boyfriend or ex boyfriend or whatever he is. Therefore, when it is possible, just to get you out of my hair, when I come upon 100 canadian to spare while maintaining my living expenses, I will give it to you then. But until then, please stop asking because the answer will still remain the same. The only reason I agreed to give you this after this confusion of what was agreed upon from that day, was becuz I really didn;t feel that an argument about money over friends was worth it. But obviously it is when it comes to being friends with you. Honestly, I think this “trap” you may have inadvertantly put me in is pretty damn shady. But I really don’t care anymore. So when I have it,. I will contact you. Until then bye.

My reponse:

I have a lot of nerve?!!? SPEAK FOR YOURSELF! Of course I don’t believe you’ll give me back my money b/c I’ve got you in one too many damn LIES!!! Oh, Judy’s gonna be your roomate next semester because you need someone who isn’t a student in order to get subsidized!? WHAT BULLSHIT! I called Sutton Place to take my damn name off a no good lease! THEY told me there was no such thing as getting subsidized if there was a non student resident because they’re NOT doing an in- house waiting list anymore. That’s lie one. Lie two, I needed FOUR dollars from you to get my friggin medication because I NEED it to live – I went a fucking 9 days suffering because you couldn’t get me 4 dollars. YET! You were able to BUY a new cell phone. Oh yes, that is BUY! Don’t fucking tell me you got it for free b/c of your plan. Colin saw you there when you made your $250 purchase of a new cell phone with a $50 rebate. Nerve, let’s speak of that!
My analysis of you as a friend went down the shitter a long time ago. All you ever talked about was your ex’s, how people were backstabbing you, etc etc etc You constantly had to be right when you were flat out wrong. Don’t tell ME I’ve been shitty/shady – everybody else finds you in the wrong. How many times did I get money to you when you desperately needed it (aka, a god sister who need a $120 plane ticket to get home) and the ONE time I ask for FOUR measly dollars to get MEDICATION, you can’t pull through, but you can sure as hell treat yourself fine.
Now you have the nerve to tell ME I’m not a good friend (and we’re not friends, thank god) and that I set a trap on you?! Why don’t you get your silly little 22 yr old head out of the clouds and take a reality check. You blind yourself by living in a fantasy world, you use people and treat them just fine as long as they’re of use to you AND you act like the world is doing you injustice b/c you’re going through a tough time in your life – that’s just the way life is.
BTW, all my observations are backed 100% – I could give you ALL the names but I think the shock would be too overwhelming AND I keep promises I make, thereby I can’t mention some more familiar names.
Girl, you made the wrong mistake trying to tell me off – I kept this all back b/c I thought you were better than that. And don’t tell me I told you to go back to the casinos, you went there yourself. Don’t tell me I put pressure on you when I don’t nag you everyday and of all things, don’t even try to make this sound like I want my money back so much. YOU ARE THE ONE who told me the only way I would get my money back was to pester you for it b/c you conveniently forget (like shopping).
One last thing, if my life were friends like you OR my boyfriend, you can bet your ass I would place it all on him b/c I at least know he’s honest, trustworthy and a tried and true friend. Yeah, you get that money to me when you get the chance – you can be sure I won’t forget.

Now people, I let YOU be the judge…