Location: Victoria’s Secret in Roosevelt Field Mall
Time: whenever the hell you clock in
Who: B-cups and smaller ;o)

Denise: I’m a Barely-There B
Ritu: I’m a D, what do you call that?
Me: Disastrously Large
Denise: No, that’s a DD!!! How about Duh- I’m a D…
Me and Ritu: LOL

Rachel: The only thing that’s good about being pregnant is that I’ll get bigger boobs
Denise: Well I’m president of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee (Brooklyn Chapter) and I deem you as one of us til you start breast feeding
Rachel: I’m already past your standards (whips to Denise with her boobs pointing), I’m a C baby!

Rachelle: Daisy, I lost my boobies =o(
Me (holding gel breast inserts): Oh, you mean these?
Rachelle: No, mine were bigger (bends over and her shirt flies open)
Kim (Manager): Rachelle, if you’re gonna flash people, at least get paid for it!

12 year old bitching about her small breasts…
Me: Sometimes I want to go up to them and tell them when they grow tits and ass to come back then
Judith: That’s so mean! Then there are those skinny ass A&F ho’s who complain how they have to wear a small – I want to tell them they’re fat and ugly so they’ll just have to deal
Me <—- laughing way too hard


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