Can I even begin tell you what love is
Or what it is not

Do my palms get sweaty around you?
It’s lust
Do I enjoy your companionship and understanding?
It’s friendship
Do I think about you ALL the time?
If it’s not a lie, then it’s obsession
Do I do crazy things to show you my affection?
It’s a fling
Does playing hard-to-get make me want you more?
It’s the chase that arouses me
Do I want to be around you all the time?
It’s loneliness

Does the sound of your distress and pain cut me deep?
It’s love
Does being apart from you make me ache in every way?
It’s love
Does an icomprehensible mix of searing pain and happiness penetrate my soul?
It’s love

For centuries, artists, musicians and writers have tried to capture the essence of love. Whether it is pain, endless joy or a combination, love is unexplainable. You don’t get to choose who you love, you just do. Perhaps ignorance is bliss for to have loved than never loved at all may only be the beginning to an endless search for true love.

I hope you’re out there dreaming of me in the same way I dream of you
For the best part of breaking up is finding someone new who loves you, too
I hope you know the pain I endure and the happiness that awaits
Because there is only so much more of this loneliness that I can take


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