Club Victoria’s:

Joanne (40 y/o, 36C 28 40) doing a strip tease while singing “Magic Stick” and trying to show us how it’s done!

Connie using really ugly panties (black and white checkered) to flag down Deb

Me: Kathy, you’re wasting my valuable air
Kathy (sucks in a deeep breath): Are you dead yet?

Kim’s laugh – sound of a small seal
Karen: Kim, never try to be incognito with your laugh – we’d all know you were up in the house!

Romina: You look like you’re about to fall out of the cup
Me: But it’s a 36C! I’m only a B…
Romina: try flattening your boob (hands me inserts) or becoming a D =o)

Me: what the hell is that?!
Karen: a bandu
Me: and what does it do?
Karen: It’s for twig girls when they wanna dress like ho’s or for those fat asses who want to scare people!

Camille: Did you see how he was all up in my business?!
Me: Yeah, I thought you were gonna hit him
Camille: He goes, “I like your personal space – maybe I can get more intimate.” I told him he must be kidding and walked away

More Vicky Dirt News:

(Denise wearing a red top, black pants and no black blazer ;o)
Me: Um, excuse me but store policy is 95% black, miss
Denise: I am!… on the inside, baby, on the inside

Nicole: Daisy, there’s a guy looking for you
Me (horrified look on my face): where?!
Nicole: Up front. He says he likes your style and wants to buy the bras you have. Oh, he also says you have great taste. If his make up is any example of your “great taste”, I know he’s blind =oP
Me: You’re rotten, Nicole!

Nancy: I just helped that woman find about $200.00 of stuff and she said NO ONE helped her! I did everything but have sex with her!
Rest of the girls: Maybe you should have! That way she would have remembered you!