More Vicky Dirt News:

(Denise wearing a red top, black pants and no black blazer ;o)
Me: Um, excuse me but store policy is 95% black, miss
Denise: I am!… on the inside, baby, on the inside

Nicole: Daisy, there’s a guy looking for you
Me (horrified look on my face): where?!
Nicole: Up front. He says he likes your style and wants to buy the bras you have. Oh, he also says you have great taste. If his make up is any example of your “great taste”, I know he’s blind =oP
Me: You’re rotten, Nicole!

Nancy: I just helped that woman find about $200.00 of stuff and she said NO ONE helped her! I did everything but have sex with her!
Rest of the girls: Maybe you should have! That way she would have remembered you!


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