Club Victoria’s:

Joanne (40 y/o, 36C 28 40) doing a strip tease while singing “Magic Stick” and trying to show us how it’s done!

Connie using really ugly panties (black and white checkered) to flag down Deb

Me: Kathy, you’re wasting my valuable air
Kathy (sucks in a deeep breath): Are you dead yet?

Kim’s laugh – sound of a small seal
Karen: Kim, never try to be incognito with your laugh – we’d all know you were up in the house!

Romina: You look like you’re about to fall out of the cup
Me: But it’s a 36C! I’m only a B…
Romina: try flattening your boob (hands me inserts) or becoming a D =o)

Me: what the hell is that?!
Karen: a bandu
Me: and what does it do?
Karen: It’s for twig girls when they wanna dress like ho’s or for those fat asses who want to scare people!

Camille: Did you see how he was all up in my business?!
Me: Yeah, I thought you were gonna hit him
Camille: He goes, “I like your personal space – maybe I can get more intimate.” I told him he must be kidding and walked away


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