There are just those days
where you must wake up
missing someone terribly
and able to do nothing

You remind yourself
That one day at a time
will eventually bring
enough space to get away

Someone new comes along
and it’s great stuff cuz it’s good
But you keep holding back
cuz sometimes

It’s just not worth it to get hurt again

Do I love you?
Do I breathe you?
Do I think of you?
Do I want you?
Do I need you?
Do I trust you?

cuz sometimes

love just ain’t enough

I called you today and you were with someone new
I hung up quickly, without goodbye or “I love you”
If I didn’t have someone to call me right away
I think I would have ended up crying all day

I tried packing you away by stuffing you into a box
Two years of memories, from gifts to pictures, is lots and lots
I can’t figure out where to put all this – there’s much more to find
Everything holds our love and my tears are making me blind

I wish I could stop loving you cuz then it would stop hurting too
Don’t wanna know or give a damn for whatever happens to you
But that’s not the way it is, could or ever should be
I’ll always care for you and I know you’ll care for me.

See, I’ve been lying to both of us this whole time
I can’t pretend that you’re not always on my mind
I miss you night and day and it’s not easy to let go
I still love you and that’s all you’ll ever need to know…