I called you today and you were with someone new
I hung up quickly, without goodbye or “I love you”
If I didn’t have someone to call me right away
I think I would have ended up crying all day

I tried packing you away by stuffing you into a box
Two years of memories, from gifts to pictures, is lots and lots
I can’t figure out where to put all this – there’s much more to find
Everything holds our love and my tears are making me blind

I wish I could stop loving you cuz then it would stop hurting too
Don’t wanna know or give a damn for whatever happens to you
But that’s not the way it is, could or ever should be
I’ll always care for you and I know you’ll care for me.

See, I’ve been lying to both of us this whole time
I can’t pretend that you’re not always on my mind
I miss you night and day and it’s not easy to let go
I still love you and that’s all you’ll ever need to know…