Fully admit I suck at keeping this thing up – I’ve got better things to do than keep ya’ll updated on my busy busy life =oD

Started working at Lucky Brand Jeans (holy shit I’ve never seen so much cash needed for COTTON) two weeks ago – already made it on the District’s best sales list (#2, who the fuck ever remembers SECOND place?!). Supposed to take the MCATs Aug 14th but we’ll see ;o)

My puppy got FAT! He’s 7.5 lbs now =o( but he’s still the kickest maltese you’ll ever see =oD Trying to teach him lie down but he’s too damn hyper (follows after me :o)

I GREW!!! Yay for being 5’4″!!! tehehehe I grew in other places too ;o) Not as fun as you would imagine cause all my bras are now passe and buying new bras is just expensive =oP

Going back to Buff in the fall – very excited cause I’ll see my pavs ❤ Family just got 3 new nissans: 2005 Maxima, Quest and Altima (driveway looks like a friggin dealership ;o)

Realized I’ll never be “azn” but I can speak my language better than those who think they are so I’m good

*huggles* later babykins

BTW, if you’ve changed your sn or cell, hit me up – I’ve blocked users not on my list and my cell’s about to change. later loves


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  1. Anonymous

    hey girl hows it going? i don’t if you remember me from math class bak in buff. just seeing how u doing? we should catch up sometime. my sn slee335

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