Happiness and serenity are in YOU – not somebody, not something, but YOU

It’s ok to not always be Number One – your best is your best and that’s what you have to realize. It’s ok to settle for second sometimes, but keep striving =oD Laugh over life’s bullshit

Embrace the loneliness and it will go away by being filled by you =o) Life’s too short to be unhappy – do your soul searching, depend only on you cause that’s all you got in the end. I’m not going to tell you what you have to do cause it’d be too damn easy – YOU figure it out and you’ll appreciate all your hardwork and pain that much more. You’ll be stronger than ever in the end and you’ll be proud. You’ll have what very few people in this world have and don’t ever give it up for anyone or anything. Fuck everyone else; you do you and you’ll come out on top. Someday, you’ll pass on this wisdom, too.

Thanks Nor


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