Just come up and hold me tight/Protect us from everything gone wrong and right/The sunset’s setting into night/We must be such a sight/Two kids who never would bite/Struggling to forget how they made Light

For those who deceive and thrive in that deceit: one day, your world will fall around you at such a rate that the damage echoes in your ears and no one will pity you nor come to aid you; the ones you have hurt will laugh in your face and turn their backs on you, and I, will feel nothing

I wanna be the strength you’ve come to rely on. I wanna be the person you’ve looked up to. I wanna be that friend you can always rely on to care no matter how far we are. I wanna be the happiness you’ve come to expect and the determination that has driven us this far.I wanna be the hug and the understanding you know is only a phone call away. I wanna be the change I wish to see. I wanna be the reality we’ve fought to preserve. I wanna be that true person who is Daisy Belle.