Boys who hit girls

When you’re not looking for love, it bombards you out of nowhere! With like 3 different people! It’s not necessary for anyone to get hurt by rejection but loving someone means only ONE.

I realize a lot of people take advantage of my good nature and generosity even though they know they don’t deserve it. They’re the “takers” in Life and haven’t a clue how to give back yet they have the audacity to bitch when life screws them. It’s like, “Have you ever heard of karma?” Yeah, you’re a starving college student but that doesn’t entitle you to someone else’s money/property -EVER. You have to work for what you want and people like me who like helping other people, they’re the ones you should want to do anything for and protect because they’ve done more for you than anyone else has. You shouldn’t burn bridges when you owe a great deal because not only do you show how selfish you are, Life will pay you back.

Lastly, it came to my attention that no matter how strong you think your morals are and how well you carry them out, you CAN fail (like guys who say they’d NEVER hit a girl, harm her in anyway or put her in danger). Guys who hit/hurt/harm a girl need to be locked up and have their heads examined. I’m not saying girls are weak and DESERVE to be treated carefully, but who the f*ck lays their hand on the girl (and not just slapping/punching/kicking – a violent push is considered abuse) who has been there for them through thick and thin. The projection of a guy who hits a girl is also a terrifying matter because they can justify in their minds that the girl deserved it. They call her insane when 1) it takes one to know one, 2) they haven’t taken a good look in the mirror (cause maybe they can’t otherwise they’d see the pathetic boy/monster they really are) and 3) they’re insane themselves. To the guys who can relate to this (and you probably can’t b/c in your mind, you’re always right and this is just some girl rambling), you should give everything back to the ones who gave a damn about you and drop dead. The world is full of bad people and you are one of them – do us all a favor and be gone cause it’ll be one less psycho to deal with and one less bastard all girls can be safe from.