Pavs and Belle

It was always supposed to be

Hi, Pavs
Hi, Belle

You took it for granted that my patience was infinite
It never was
You were unabashed about hurting others
Especially me
You feel entitled to your selfishness
Nobody has a right to it

You refused to grow and mature
I had to let you go

What you still don’t realize is
You will always gravitate towards home
You need your family, especially your father
You will always slingshot back to me
Our paths will continuously cross whether or not
You want to or are prepared to
I’ve come to bitterly accept that fact
Like planets orbiting the sun

I wish the planet was not so small
As there’s no control, no means
Of escaping you, avoiding the inevitable
It would seem even the galaxy’s microscopic
Because one day and many days after that

It will be:

Hi, Pavs
Hi, Belle