Passive-Aggressive people need to commit suicide…

See, if they don’t, I may just have do them the service of ending their misery. There’s nothing more childish and unattractive than ANYONE over the age of 3 who mutters taunts and makes faces behind the person who just confronted them and 99% of the time can kick their ass! Actually, what’s worse is when they project their anger/inhibitions/fears on others and their innate stubborness to THINK they somehow contribute to humanity! Where do they come from and HOW do they get like that?! Honestly, where does the passive-aggressive route go!? It doesn’t relieve any tension if you get smacked up side the head or punched right in the face (well, not for the P-A bitch). I’ve only met ONE person from this site (IRL) and he was such a P-A motherf*cker that I can only assume EVERY guy on here has the same social flaw and that’s why he can’t get real life dates and friends. I can see no benefit to being a self pants-pissing, permanently pursed lips, disgusting scrunched up eyes and incessantly ‘you’re the reason I’m screwed up when I can’t even stand to look in the mirror because I know I’m worthless’ bitchin’ and moaning. Okay, I know I’m aggressive and not very tolerant of cry-babies, but I’d be more understanding if I could see how the end justifies the means. If someone could explain HOW sticking your tongue out behind the person who just told you to shut the hell up b/c your bigoted views are not welcome or muttering/talking to yourself the comebacks you can’t say outloud b/c you don’t want to start a fight you can’t/won’t win (but you convince yourself you’re a pacifist when you’re really just passive-aggressive) SERVE your purpose of standing up for yourself and proving your worth/esteem, BY ALL MEANS, PLEASE DO =o) I especially like the guys who start fights with girls b/c they’d never win a real fist fight with a guy and just love antagonizing women by nit picking over every little detail that nobody gave a rat’s ass about b/c that’s the only way they could ‘win’ (at the same time, professing how much they ‘care’ and are ‘sensitive’ to the ones they ‘feel for’). I’m not bitter (I’m actually repulsed by what I encountered and am VERY cautious now whenever I see the same signs in conversations/profiles/etc), I’m just very frustrated…maybe b/c I can’t relate but I’m a very proficient person (trying to be, anyway, 99% of the time) and don’t see the point in wasting an arguement/breath/TIME by hiding in corners with my arms crossed and hating the world b/c I refuse to DO something about it (not really talking about ‘me’ obviously ;o)

Like that one law school kid (yep, not a real man by ANYONE’S standards) who thought that by bombarding an IM chat with links about insomnia would prove him right about a theory he read. Of 9 links, 8 not only proved ME correct but clearly illustrated his reading comprehension inability. I like debates and intense conversation but that one chat really soured my opinion of him (amongst other things like female sexuality incompetence) because after I pointed out that the links were confirming my knowledge, he lapsed into a persecution complex and self-pity party. The cherry on top? He was the type of buffoon who thinks girls really mean yes when they say no (i.e. the final straw when he showed up at my place expecting sex when HOURS before I kept insisting we weren’t together and nothing sexual would happen) ::eye roll:: He had the idiocy to declare, “I came all this way for a goodbye kiss,” in a very passive-aggressive manner (I guess the kid is accustomed to pity sex from his paramours) Effin’ SMF!

To wrap this rant up, if a person really wants you but suspects you don’t want him/her, they will try the whole, “I’m usually a player and date multiple people at the same time. But for YOU, I won’t,” as if you’re supposed to be suddenly grateful!? Who does that?! Oh, I know! The passive-aggressive piece of shit trying to impress someone in the most deluded manner (God help you if you question these “triumphs” because the compulsive liar will dig his heels in and insist it’s all true and YOU’RE the bad person for having doubts). The fact is, if a person has game and is very attractive, one can tell just by seeing others’ reactions during a date or outing; that is confirmation that you’ve hooked a keeper. Anyone who has to state the “fact” is delusional and a liar who believes he can trick his date or object of affection. The narcissist trumps up his reputation with feats nobody can confirm witness to AND believes his own con game whilst guilt-tripping others into playing along.

Sorry for the rambling rant but I need an answer. Thanks for all who try (without being a passive aggressive a** b/c you know I can’t really reach through the PC and beat an answer out of you…oh! if you will try to be annoying, I *will* censor/block nonsense =o)

Have a good day!