Kurt Halsey

*note – I keep this blog for me when I’m too damn lazy to get out pen and paper/journal. Xanga comes especially in handy when I go off on little mind treks like the one which led me to KURT HALSEY.

http://www.kurthalsey.com or here is where you will find SOME of his amazing amazing work! I am no art critic (though all who endured HUM 10 with me would disagree ;o) and the visualizer in me instantly bonded w/ Mr. Halsey’s work. Heart wrenching, needy, romantic and reassuring all at once ❤ *!*SWOON*!* ❤ You look at his work and (assuming you’ve been in love, know love or heartache) feel the pull of days long ago =*o)

One of my favorite is “To hold and to be held” – it’s so simple and conveys much more! Makes me want to wrap my arms around a certain someone *ahem*

Another is “We waited so long, so let’s just be for a while” – totally describes meeting up with an ex-love and/or long-lost friend ::sniffle::

It’s a tie for third between “Our favorite songs (like worms tied) squirms and hurts, but we keep them close” (actually maybe his whole vinyl series!) and “For things to always be this way” – his short quotes coupled with imagery make me INCREDIBLY envious of his talent!!!

People tell me, more often than I’m comfortable with, what a great writer I am and how my works move them but all I want to do is what Kurt can: SHOW people what I mean ::sigh:: You don’t know me and I just found you but you have a big part of my heart, Mr. Halsey ^_^ Please, be gentle, tehehe!

I can’t wait until I have more than enough money to buy up his collections – already I’m behind and some works are exclusive :pout: (yes, I’ll finish up the ‘Nor’ bit! sheesh, I didn’t know the story meant so much to some of you!)