Love Canal

Look up this late 1970’s atrocity when William T. Love sought to create the “model” community and instead, lay ground for a toxic waste dump. HOLY FUCK, Google Map it’s current name and age-old location and that’s where my apartment was =*o( Is it no surprise then that my health went downhill in the two short years that I lived at 540 Massachusetts Ave!? OMG, I think I’m going to faint – my health was precarious to begin with and now… I was BATHING my entire body in carcinogens and cooking my FOOD with those waters… God, help me

What of love

We all know there are different types of love: familial, friendship, relationship, true, etc This is what I know of Love…

Love is NOT perfect
      true love far from it
It is fallible and painful
       gut wrenching fever
Your lover elates you
       into passionate fervor
Your love will leave you
       God damn, heartless fuck
Love will twist and test
         a soul mate’s eternal promise
She will ravage all youthful dreams
        leaving nothing more than an abyss
When you fall into her wide embrace
       hit rock bottom to dig your grave

Love is the ultimate High of all highs
             addictive with no recourse
Your very soul will absorb her poison
             withdrawal only mocks Death
You will stumble around with a hopeless smile
            blind to all, never to her beauty