Addendum to Norielyn Shum

So, I remember Norielyn Shum telling everyone how she paid for everything at a LA conference held by Danielle Johnson back in March of 2007 (our big fall out) MEANWHILE, I had paid for myself (have the receipt to prove it)!!! She had the fucking nerve to lead me on and on when I kept insisting to pay her back!!! AS IF she were doing ME the favor! NO WONDER TONY fucked another woman – EVEN I WOULD HAVE if I had to put up with a compulsive and chronic LIAR >=oO I realize now that all Nor has ever done is embellish one story after another – when I was 13 or so (embarking on the dating potential and fantasies of future boyfriends), Nor had the nerve to tell me that she was such a player and dated oh so many guys until Tony waited all night for her when she stayed out with her girlfriends. THE TRUTH: Tony was and IS her FIRST and ONLY serious relationship. SHIT! I’m so pissed at myself for ever admiring such a lousy P.O.S. Who the hell lies to a KID just to impress them!?!? That’s really pathetic to find it necessary to gas yourself up towards someone 10 years younger and who doesn’t understand much anyway. If she had given me the TRUTH, I would have been far more adoring of her but all Nor has done is justify my dissolve of our “friendship.” For a while, I was puzzled as to why she told me to keep our fight inside Uncle Singer’s car b/t us until I realized she knew how bad it she was/is! She can’t stand being ignored or being out of the spotlight so I wonder how much she would revel in Tony’s undivided attention when I tell him there were at least 3 incriminating pictures of her and Uncle Singer that she deleted from her camera? They were reconciling at the time and the pictures told everything! I truly regret honoring a word I invented to put up a charlatan on a pedestal – I called her my God sister for a multitude of reasons but the first being b/c I held her so high. Now, I could give a rat’s ass and much less! She deserves all the bad she has received (well, maybe that’s a bit harsh but I heard what she said around her CHILDREN about their father and Tori’s treatment of Tony). Karma can be vicious… damn.