Copic VS Tria Markers

::pout:: I have a crop later today (that’s an event where scrapbookers/cardmakers get together for a day/weekend of creating, relaxing and shopping with vendors) and I can’t find my Tria markers and haven’t been able to buy the Copic (Japanese) ones =o/ It would be SUBLIME if someone in those countries would buy em and ship em to me so that I can continue my art, dammit – maybe I just need a mult-billion dollar rich lover/patron to support me ( ah, time to cash in on my looks ;o)

Has any tried either of these awesome markers?! Copic is insanely expensive ($6+ US/marker) and works much the same way as the Tria but the brush tip actually works like a brush (in that you could use painting strokes to accomplish an effect w/ the marker while using it for graphic/detailed art on the nib end). I think w/ time and lots of use, the Tria end could be broken in and worked like an artist brush. I still enjoy the blending effects of the Copic more BUT the Tria ink doesn’t dissolve if you use the blender marker the way Copic marker colors do (Copic colors run when used w/ the colorless blender). Tria markers also don’t bleed through the paper as badly as Copic while maintaining their color brilliancy and blending ability. I know some anime/comic conventions carry Copic since they seem to be the sole markers of that industry (seriously, I hear the anime genre supports the Copic company by 90%) but it would be so-not me to attend one… Anybody going and wanna grab me a set???

EK Success makes good pens w/ brushes but it’s a bitch to try to get your hand on certain individual colors w/o having to buy a 48 pen set at almost $150+. Maybe I need to check out Marvy Uchida/Tombow ones… Questions? Comments?

Return to the Poconos

Oh, how I *adore* national parks =o) I doubt you could ever tell by looking at me that I truly feel at home in a cabin in the middle of nowhere and that I have the grit for survival in an area with a notorious family of bears ^_^

Though I was really happy to return to the cabin after a 2 year absence, I was saddened by the realization that the cabin may be sold in the near future. On the plus side, Bub and I might try to buy-out the other owner – my only apprehension is that he and I are not married but owning that property together may bind us in a common law marriage w/ PA laws (will have to check that out if we do decide to keep the cabin and surrounding property). Still, couldn’t keep me away from the East Stroudsburg town where there’s a crazy-huge scrapbooking/hobby supplier (totally am a supporter of local businesses), the candle shops (where they will customize any candle for you! How’s that for service?!) with the exotic birds, miniature ponies, koi fish, antique cars and selective seasonal wares, the Pocono Bazzaar (Bub thinks I should try selling my soaps, cards and other professional-looking handmade products there), but mostly just enjoying the beauty of the area! I sleep better, eat better and am overall more energetic and happy out in the refreshing greenery of PA – it’s been a longtime dream to just revert to a simplier life on a plot of land with a veggie and flower garden, some animals and my lover + potential children.

OH! I got these delicious pumps from Jump! with cute rhinestone hearts for the strap buckle ;oD Baby also won pretty big at the new Mount Airy Casino (we thought the Lodge was still there) and we did our usual romping round like an “old married couple.” I can’t wait to bring my friends and family there if/when Bub and I get the cabin to ourselves and spruce things up =oD

PS should I be worried about being stalked on my blogs?! I can see my visitors and there are two in particular who religiously (like almost minute by minute) read my ramblings (as if there’s much to begin with!). At least, my cousin is a police officer, mom has friends in various precincts as do I and I haven’t been “contacted” (not to my knowledge anyway) by them (could be just one from 2 locations).


He looked me right in the eye and asked me, “Are you unhappy?” Regardless of my smile, he seemed to understand that my medications spoke otherwise of my current condition. Before I could answer, he said,” The secret is to smile and laugh again. You are beautiful and young- you’ve known blissful joy but are now fighting a darkness that you shall overcome as long as you remember to SMILE.”

It seems many a perfect stranger is trying to help me and I know I’m getting better! I have the support of thousands of people and I know I’ll be that wondrous, courageous Daisy all over again ^_^ Time is on my side and I’ll shine more brightly than before – watch out world, here I come!