Copic VS Tria Markers

::pout:: I have a crop later today (that’s an event where scrapbookers/cardmakers get together for a day/weekend of creating, relaxing and shopping with vendors) and I can’t find my Tria markers and haven’t been able to buy the Copic (Japanese) ones =o/ It would be SUBLIME if someone in those countries would buy em and ship em to me so that I can continue my art, dammit – maybe I just need a mult-billion dollar rich lover/patron to support me ( ah, time to cash in on my looks ;o)

Has any tried either of these awesome markers?! Copic is insanely expensive ($6+ US/marker) and works much the same way as the Tria but the brush tip actually works like a brush (in that you could use painting strokes to accomplish an effect w/ the marker while using it for graphic/detailed art on the nib end). I think w/ time and lots of use, the Tria end could be broken in and worked like an artist brush. I still enjoy the blending effects of the Copic more BUT the Tria ink doesn’t dissolve if you use the blender marker the way Copic marker colors do (Copic colors run when used w/ the colorless blender). Tria markers also don’t bleed through the paper as badly as Copic while maintaining their color brilliancy and blending ability. I know some anime/comic conventions carry Copic since they seem to be the sole markers of that industry (seriously, I hear the anime genre supports the Copic company by 90%) but it would be so-not me to attend one… Anybody going and wanna grab me a set???

EK Success makes good pens w/ brushes but it’s a bitch to try to get your hand on certain individual colors w/o having to buy a 48 pen set at almost $150+. Maybe I need to check out Marvy Uchida/Tombow ones… Questions? Comments?