To the Goddess in me!

Cute test – have fun =o)


Animal: Dove
Color: red

Aphrodite is the beautiful goddess of love and passion. She is one of the most influential of the Greek gods, constantly being prayed to or asked for help. She is also a troublemaker, getting involved in all sorts of love triangles. Aphrodite is the Goddess that all young girls pray to, to bring them the man of their dreams.

Aphrodite is admired and sought after for the freshness that she represents. She often dives into situations that seem appealing without thinking the results through, but can usually charm herself out of any sticky situations.

Aphrodite formed from the sea foam, emerging as an adult from the ocean.

2011 Beginning Anew

I’ve managed to live past the “expiration date” my doctors gave me nearly 3 years ago. As it stands, I have lived 10 months MORE than they claimed I would have if I refused cancer treatment ^_^ So, it only seems right that I go forward and seek out my goals once again. I am steadfast on entering medical school by the Fall of 2011 – exactly 10 years from the day my pediatricians told my parents to get ready for my funeral, exactly 10 years since the day I watched the Towers fall live on TV, exactly 10 years from the day I gave up on my body…

The tumor remains in my chest/abdominal cavity as a ticking bomb and all I can say is that I have drastically altered my lifestyle to keep it dormant. If there really is a God and I know there are angels, I have a path chosen for me that I have to follow. Whether that means my tumor grows exponentially and it ruptures my stomach, bile duct and gall bladder in one painful internal hemorrhage, I can only blame it on me for not having the courage to risk a 10% chance surgery and pray that it lasts mere moments and no longer. I know I have a mark to make on this world, this lifetime and there’s no longer any excuse for me to stay in hiding from everyone. Once again, gotta ‘man-up’ and stick out to the end =o)

2011 – here I come!