The Best Man (part I)

I’ve been selfish. I haven’t wanted to share one iota of my feelings, moments, weekends, thoughts – basically any information about the man who has captured my heart, mind and soul =oD I want to keep him ALLLL to myself so that I can savor the most minute detail and relish the memories and ravel in the moment’s passion over and over as they occur, hee hee! He is intelligent, tall, athletic/talented, extremely handsome, a wonderful kiss-er and better hugger, strong, well read/rounded, too attractive, a classic romance-novel protagonist: mysterious, eager, a desirable lover on the whole ;-D I belong to him in all the ways a person can give of oneself without labels or paperwork: freely and completely ^_^ My heart rate increases when I hear the phone ring and his name shows up or I see I have a new message (text/email/IM) from my wonderful lover is me, he shares his point of view, opinions, thoughts and observations/judgments and has accomplished what all have failed at: balancing my extremes, my life ;o) When I can’t handle my pain or come to a conclusion on my own, he comes to my aid in that strong and silent way I’ve always looked for and hadn’t found til now: he’s my rock, a pillar that supports me without overshadowing or invading my space. He’s not leading me by a leash and treating me like a child or worse, like a piece of property. He’s not dependent on me for leadership, guidance and financial assistance 24/7. He’s my partner in every thing and way: we give and we receive. We laugh, we create, we find solace and amusement, we make passionate and frenzied love all night and we use more than words to communicate all day, we think, we read, we travel and discover, we enjoy, we share and we are fittingly complementary. The word love will never convey this overwhelming ecstasy which flows throughout my body and mind. Love does not encompass the intensity that holds my heart in rapture for a man not even 6 months in my life. But it is one of two words that I use to tell the man I have been waiting all my life for how I feel for him. Time is nothing for us: we’ve known each other, without actually being together until now, forever and Beck is my soul-mate no matter how we or you or anyone else cuts it. I know this though there are no words to explain how. And words are meaningless for a < Love 3 like ours that transcends all… Regardless of Time and Space, I’ll always be his and he is mine xoxoxo

I love you, Beck =oD