A slice of Heaven

Three weeks ago, I had the rug pulled out from under me.
Three weeks ago, I prevented my relationship from dissolving.
Three weeks ago, my lover helped patch up our relationship.

In three weeks, I’ve had absolute bliss! From a gorgeous Penthouse balcony view of the Hudson, strolling in Central Park, warm sunny days finding our next destination, sexually explicit moments (ha, hours – there’s no such thing as a quickie, right ;o) and night time in a seaside village with sangria, cheese fondue topped with a nice cigar under the stars right on the water ^_^ Breakfast-in-king-size-bed, beautifully done bathroom and steamy shower stall/seat in a brightly sunlit room before touching and feeding stingrays and manta rays, hee hee! Also, my lovie getting the “wonderful” idea of feeding shark via a 4 foot by 3 foot by 10 foot cage submerged into their tank! On the upside, there’s a kickass leather-back sea turtle and nurse sharks in the tank, too =o)

These are snippets of my view of Heaven but who am I kidding? Just being with my darlin’ is more than I can ask for ❤