10/10/10 New York Comic Con

I have a secret… I’m falling in love with comic books (or as my amaze-balls boyfriend will say, “graphic novels”) and I took the dive and went to a comic convention this year =o) I’ve always been a fan of MAD magazine until a too-corporate comic book/graphic novel company took over but that doesn’t stop my love for well-done detailed art ^_^ My love has shown me some very interesting story lines (Berserk) and amplified an appreciation for the macabre look/approach (e.g. Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series’ depictions this time around and not just the tales spun :o) We can spend a few hours lying around in bed (exhausted ;o), reading side-by-side.

Back to New York Comic Con – it was HUGE!!! Two floors of graphic artists, sellers, demonstrators and collectors and New York Anime Festival downstairs: veeeeery impressive costumes (and just as bad body odor =o( There was even a chick who had the guts to go topless and paint her body a la Avatar. Lots swag and demo’s of games coming out; next time, I’m bringing a camera and he swears to be the Punisher (stay tuned for delicious photos of that ;oD