Best Friends – semper fi

On Saturday, Oct. 29, I will be attending one of my best friend’s Halloween/going away party. It’s the send off party from which we do not know when my Marine will be back nor if he has to go back to a war zone. He’s already been deployed TWICE and survived both those war torn areas completely intact – no bodily harm and he’s remained mentally coherent. I think it’s *very* unfair that he’s got to go but those are the risks when you’re an active Marine. Already I miss him and I’m sure his girlfriend feels it much much more; she has waited through the 2 tours and only seeing her boyfriend three times a year when he was stationed elsewhere. I’m grateful for my friend’s service to our country and by extension, me, you and all Americans. I’ll put on a brave and happy face for him and I’m glad my boyfriend will be by my side tonight. Semper fi means “Always Faithful” and there’s nothing more appropriate than that phrase to describe my friendship with this Marine.

*Update: that night he proposed and she accepted!!! Wedding shenanigans to plan ;o)

P.S. As a side note, who is the crazy motherf*cker that checks this blog for my pictures?! I *know* who you are b/c visitors are tracked and I can get the IP address if I ask the administration but I’d rather you just MAN UP and contact me (you’re bothering me with this stalking and it’s pathetic <— scratch that! I’m no longer bothered with no less than 5 friends trained in martial arts and practiced with fire arms at my disposable with a simple call, sweet!!! I hear the head of a stalker does well w/ taxidermy and is a great shooting range target, see ya ;o).