I love me some talented sports players! Active, physically demanding sports (chess doesn’t count!) and the talent/training therein always grab my attention as well as the players, tehehe! See, it’s not just the well sculpted body (anybody can weight lift/train but not everyone can catch a football) but the execution of mind and body reacting to stimuli. I hold great contempt and disdain for men AND women who only try to look like good athletes without putting in any of the time and discipline to learn a sport. It says a lot about a person’s character when s/he has dedicated time, money and talent to better/best themselves and team mates; they know how to cooperate as a group, the importance of it and yet, have confidence of their own individuality. The posers who just drink protein shakes to lift weights – you’re fooling nobody; especially when you show jealousy or anger at true athletes b/c you know that they know you’re a sham, a fraud.