Tonight it’s a movie (and dessert afterwards ;o)

My wonderful and passionate man introduced me to a speech Joss Whedon wrote about who he admires and his inspiration: his mother. It was very heartfelt and a great tribute to her and her memory. In under just 2 hours, I get to watch “The Cabin in the Woods” and my lover will be there to protect me in the darkness ^_^ Hopefully, the pretzel nuggets will be fresh or at least, tender (the AMC seems to keep them in better stock than other theaters) and my babykins and I will chow down while watching the thriller commence – can’t wait! and if Grand Luxe happens to till be open, dessert, pt. I (at least NJ keeps the staples open late enough instead of closing ass early like everywhere else in the state) Stand by for a movie review – Yay for date nights! Can you tell I love him =oD 

The Cabin in the Woods review: if you love horror movies, this is definitely one to watch because of all the iconic horror antagonists/subjects introduced by the final third of the movie. I admit the film had some surprise scare moments but nothing like “13 Ghosts”. This was a great film that should make the horror/thriller genre look hard at itself and its predictable plots/characters, much like “Scream” did in 1997. I loved where the film blatantly makes fun of the “need for the good looking jock/cheerleader, nerd, virgin, social butterfly/promiscuous teen and buffoon/comedic relief.” I totally did not see the ending coming and you will have to watch the film because I won’t spoil it. As Alfred Hitchcock said, there’s only one surprise ending in his films.