Because an update is appropriate

Remember that post on Norielyn Eugia? Well, I wanted to clarify a few things she thought she got away with (and didn’t). During her reconciliation with the father of her children, I understand she was angry and insecure. What I did NOT understand was this overly hateful attempt at making me hate my father. She kept alluding that my father and Tony were crappy husbands and cheaters. I could tolerate her venting about Tony but trying to turn me against my own father? That was completely out of line and unacceptable behavior! Would she be as self-righteous if a day came where I tell her daughter that Tony had cheated on Nor and that he was an asshole who did not deserve the love and adoration a daughter has for her father? I know Nor has daddy issues of her own, but to this day, I am surprised by the vicious behavior she displayed toward a man she did not know (other than discussions between her and my mother). On the night I lost all respect and love for Nor, the thing that sticks out in my mind is her insistence that we keep our fight a secret from my mom. I wonder if she felt ashamed because she would have had that coming. My uncle Singer is witness to Nor’s unprovoked diatribe; I know she was extremely jealous of the attention I was getting and rather be an adult about it, she lashed out. Convention participants and co-hosts approached me to offer accommodations for my gimpy leg plus walking cane instead of standing in place, waiting for up to an hour on the line to get into the ballroom. I have no idea why Nor thought *I* asked for “special treatment” other than her projections/presumed actions if she were in my situation. Her sense of entitlement was/is truly revolting. I believe in karma and what goes around, comes around. She abandoned mature emotional intelligence (if she ever had it) and acted out. When we were browsing in a jewelry store in the hotel lobby, two men strayed near us a little too close for comfort and even asked the clerk to remove two expensive pearl necklaces from the display that we had been admiring. Upon which, one man asked that they be placed on me “as a model” in a very old-fashioned manner of courting a stranger. This would be another moment Norielyn would physically push me away via abandonment when it became obvious the focus was solely on me.

It will take an intense amount of time of profuse apologies from Nor, especially to my father, before I would even consider forgiving her (maybe even removing this post from public eyes) or forget that I could give her daughter “revelations” in the same vein she tried to give to me. This is the same woman who decided to get rid of the family Chihuahuas because one had developed a food allergy and needed just a little more effort (i.e. switching dog food brands) to contain his mange-like skin reaction. It was too much work and commitment, ergo prompting Nor to seek the least complicated and involved “solution.” These poor puppies had been subjected to SMALL children (age 7 and 3 at the time) picking them up or dropping them as children do, being played with as toys, tugging on them like a rag-doll in fights, and NO discipline/training except from Tony. A Chihuahua rescue group/trained canine professional would consider the inappropriate handling and verging on torture/borderline cruelty for dogs whose bones can break from a short fall and whose hypersensitive characteristics can bring about medical distress. She didn’t give any forethought to the trauma the children and dogs would go through in a permanent separation and as always, behaved like an adolescent with a very short attention span, wanting everything her way or no way; I wish I would have seen her immaturity sooner – I know my mother tried to warn me away from Nor. After all, how can a 33 y/o mother NOT know how to navigate the Internet or the workings of a computer and still profess to be intelligent and a ‘wise’ decision maker in the 21st century??

Nor stepped over the line of decency to outright malevolent tackiness/insolence. While she kept insisting that she was my “teacher/guidance counselor” on how to “get clean from the (doctor ordered and prescribed) opioid medication” and that “I was abusing the morphine by following my doctor’s orders (which, I re-emphasize how she knows NOTHING about medicine – I would have better odds going to a recluse for lessons on socializing and extrovert tendencies than try my luck with Nor).” When she proclaimed she had my mother’s, sister’s and father’s permission to “stage an intervention,” my jaw dropped at the length to which she was willing to lie. As an example on how much a female should take pain (because she had jumped to the conclusion that I was too sensitive to pain/being whiny; meanwhile she had never run a mile in her life or exercised verses my dedication to sprinting, pole vaulting, long jumping and tennis matches), Nor tells the story of being pregnant and succumbing to meningitis. She refused morphine because she didn’t want to harm the fetus and I just wanted to slap her backhand style (truthfully, I more likely would have used my fist) at that point in her spiel. Her neediness for attention and adoration was shadowing her common sense. Yes, a fetus is fragile and she wanted a baby badly so that was her incentive to bear whatever came her way whereas *I* just wanted to be able to get on with my life with complete painless motor function. To this day, I have no idea how she could even make those (pain levels) a comparison! I couldn’t walk without a cane and couldn’t sleep because of the pain. My conclusion is that she was trying to impress my uncle Singer and really needed male attention to jack up her self-esteem (I know I would have cheated on Nor, too, due to her need for drama and being in the spotlight as well as being overly controlling and constantly nagging).

To end this, my life has been MUCH sweeter, tranquil and fortunate since cutting her out of my life. No more drama and self-fulling prophecies. A brighter future without a constant threat of storms on the horizon.