My sweet man!

I’m two days late posting this but my husband-to-be celebrated his birthday this weekend =o) Your age begins to show when you start forgetting your birthday ;o) I was in a car accident (rear ended at 70-75 mph while I’m going 50 mph) and I never thought I’d actually say I’d be okay with the car insurance company totaling it out (a beautiful 8-10 grand check hopefully since it’s already cost nearly 5 to fix the bumper/taillight area while body work on the main frame has yet to be approached: nevermind the under carriage/chassis). So, big bday gift for my lover (and me ;o)? He deserves it, that much will always be true.

There have been nights he had to reassure and hold me tight for hours because I reached critical mass in my (in)ability to deal with the scars life leaves. We’re told that everyone has someone special waiting for them and we’re supposed to develop as individual and mature adults with satisfying careers and relationships with family/friends en route to finding them. He and I are not the type to use frilly language like “soul mates” nor prone to unrealistic fantasies or romantic naivete: we are steadfast in our convictions and decision making sprinkled with lightheartedness and lots of laughter. When I get angry with the car accident that left me with CRPS/RSD (it’s the pain that keeps me from sleeping and functioning that makes me angry) or damn the Buffalo/Lake Erie pollution that (most likely) sparked a G.I. tumor or the abusive ex/cheating ex, I wonder how much of it pounded, ripped, folded and cut me into the necessary person who, at the right time and place, would see my love for the treasure he is and accept him into my life? Who knows how much of it was luck, probability or storybook head-over-the-heels passion and romance? The fact is, I’m his wife (ceremony and celebration pending ;o) and we’re going to have the *most* beautiful children and we’ll be the best looking family everywhere we go! I got me a rock solid man and his model-esque looks are only the beginning of everything delicious about him, tehehe! I cannot keep my hands off him and I love being showered in his kisses or wrestled into submission. We can spend hours in a bookstore reading side-by-side, trying out different restaurants/lounges, sampling at cheese and dessert bars, frolicking in parks or museums with these constants: hand-holding (or arm holding as I’m more prone to do), kisses and more touch, hee hee ^_^

I love you, my handsome man, always and in all ways! I know now that you were the balm for my feverish pace in life and the cure for the things I was sure would kill me. I’ll see you soon!