I got the last laugh

I remember I returned to Long Island after the spring semester concluded. I went to your place and immediately you wanted to be intimate (sex with you had become a grueling chore). Boxers came down and It seemed that your crotch had inflamed, ingrown hair follicles and since I knew you had gotten into the habit of shaving, I didn’t think much of it. Without prompting, you pointed down and said you were going to the dermatologist the next day to have a follow-up procedure where a genital wart would be removed.  That sent up red flags because I didn’t ask nor did I notice the wart. I examined the red bumps more closely. At the right angle, I could see a white cheesy material in them as well as a depression exactly in the middle. I knew I had seen something similar but couldn’t recall a name/diagnosis or place/time. I asked if your dermatologist had told you what the white bumps were in the same appointment as diagnosing the wart. You said, “No,” while putting on your dumb-as-fuck face. I found that hard to believe so I gave you more rope; “Did your dermatologist even suggest what it could be or take a skin sample like she did for the genital wart?” Again, you gave a negative shake of the head. While I was inquiring, it clicked; the kids I was a nanny for, in Buffalo, had a classmate with them. By conversing with one of the children’s teachers, I knew they were highly contagious and you point blank lied to my face. You piece of shit of an abuser, knowingly trying (the molluscum contagiosum and HPV were never transferred to me and it never made me more grateful that I turned down the sex at that moment) to transfer a disease to me. Did you know that’s a felony?

To this day, every time of I think of or see anything nasty, your image follows quickly.