My life is a series of ironic moments (and unexpected social connections)

Had a stress test done a couple of weeks ago (checkin’ out the ole ticker cause a medication I was taking has scary cardiac side effects and being asthmatic, that never bodes well). The nurse taking preliminary readings, comments, in disbelief, that I have a *VERY* steady pulse and phenomenal blood pressure (which can be uncommon in chronic asthmatics like myself) and that if she didn’t know better, she would assume I was a regular gymnast or running-type athlete. I smiled so broadly hearing that news, I volunteered that HS and collegiate track and field are, 8 years out, giving me benefits I know will follow for a long while, because my Crohn’s and CRPS have not made those activities possible since I was diagnosed 7 years ago. It is also beneficial that I have an inhaler that controls most pulmonary inflammations (allergies and chest infections will remain hurdles for my natural life). The majority of my organs may be the most inflicted and weak, but bless my heart: that’s one short stick I never pulled =o)