Shopping leads to

(For family and future employers, I was there *only* looking to replace a piece of glass art I had. My last one was lost/”lost”, broken or thrown out :: le sigh:: The main reason I hesitate to borrow or have anything of someone else is that I know it has to go back in the same or better condition – you taught me well, parents, I promise! Never mind the fact I’m very accident prone)*

In the city, bouncing from head shop to shop, admiring and looking at the myriad of materials being used these days, I still gravitate towards glass. Except crystal, no two pieces of blown glass are alike and that sits well with me. I wish I had been astute enough to remember an artist’s mark on my roller but alas, quel dommage that I can’t recall doing that. As I stood in front of a storefront window, a really good looking guy steps out with someone I presume to be the owner/manager based on chatter about ‘purchase orders’ and appreciation. The younger man (the good looking one) steps up beside me and asks me what I think about his work. I say, “The size is about right but the clarity could be better. But overall, the window is the same as any other in this city.” He parlays, “I meant the pipes and other blown glass fixtures.”

“You should have been more specific then and not playing coy.”

“I am now, unlike you. I’m Greg, the artist of the ones right there and you are?”

“Bereft of a pretty piece.”

I toyed/flirted with him only a little longer (trying to detect insanity/danger) as we headed towards a small cafe. Artists attract me, if only because my sister and brother have shown how deeply they feel things, and Greg was no exception. Being Labor Day weekend, we spent a few hours strolling along the west side of Manhattan and when he offered to show me his studio and some Italian glass, I quickly shot off the location and reason for going to trusted friends in case I disappeared. What heartache again? (okay, it’s still there but the distraction was a cleansing breath of air :-))

(Dad, if you go here cause Banana blabbed through FB: I’m not cheating but I’m sorry I didn’t tell you guys about Beck. I didn’t know how.)