One part you, one part me

It’s the R&B and old love songs
the evening coolness on leather seats
Starlight trickling through a sun roof
The cigar sweetness in the air, on your lips
Playful banter, sweet memories shared
Discussing things said before, for pleasure
Your hands on my bare hips, drawing moans
My nails running down your back
Sweat, saliva, passion mixed up and down
Hours of ecstasy, fast panting, guttural cries
Showers shared, physical divide shattered

Nothing so pure should come so easy
The sweetness of finding a soulmate
can only be had after the bitterness
of first-love’s, real tragedy, maturity
Ideologies on love is a young man’s game
The rest of the world has grown older
trying to teach the frailty of life, permanent loss
Love isn’t a trinket to find and display
It is to be fought over, fought for
It is to acknowledge the here and now
To let petty arguments fall away
To focus on the good things he encapsulates
To build a fortress filled by her, with her
We should not be so foolish, so prideful
to believe that it’s enough once, twice around

Musical influences shared by no others
Artistic inspirations not shared by others
An inner world of cartoons, games, toys
A realistic outlook, knowledge that if not now
Then never will we find each other again
For who else would know the exact taste
of red wines, craft beers, cheeses
Sugary treats, pates, fruits and veggies
On the lips and tongue of your love
A palate so much like your own, it is

How a glance across a room, state lines
His gorgeous golden-hazel eyes hold you
and let you know what’s on his mind
The sound of urgency over the phone
Before a word’s been said or a digit dialed
The draw of breath, shared silence
reading side-by-side, shared stillness
A giggle and unexpected flash of skin
Magnetically, the bodies of two worlds collide
Dancing, rotating magical stars in the sky
For Me and her, Him and me, You and I.