The Fall

Within a few days
the air will grow dry
the leaves will crisp

Fall is my favorite
Perfect weather
for strolls, sleep

Blue fills the sky
fills my hands, body
and I will rest

But these things
must fall into boxes
letters into envelopes

Order brought into line
Before cold winter winds
Blow dust to dust

Canis Major has Sirius
Orion has Betelgeuse
I, am without my love

Hercules is Canis minor
and with Big Dog
They wait for their Orion

But she implores
Just a little more time
Can’t leave loose ends

Postage must be bought
Everything in its place
Promises kept and then

Then, the sky deepens
A much darker blue
The Seven Sisters fly

Orion mounts the Heavens
A blue teardrop at a time
One fallen handful of blue

The height of Fall blows
Yellow, orange, red
Violent cascade of color

They have their hunter
Reassured, reattached
I takeover their care

Together, we now fall
Only with the dawn
Rising in a sea of blue

Fall is the perfect time
Ashes to ashes
Before gray must fall