*name changed

I got the call yesterday (or Monday night) to wander over and meet Bob’s* law buddy who turned out to be a duo, grandfather and grandson. Bob’s former colleague was/is on the West Coast but his son and father remained here. Slimer is the grand-dad and Slimeball is the latter. Only the younger one is a practicing full time legal advisor though grand dad remains licensed in the Tri-state.

Reasonable expectation of privacy has quite a few requirements. Location can refer to known quantities in any given situation where citizens live, work, commute, etc and can interact with one another (e.g. a town’s central commercial area, library, Internet cafe/restaurant, office bathroom). It is suggested that not all public locations are accessible at all times to every member of society and that a conversation within an area without clear, divisible lines/entry ways separating groups and individuals is not one expected to fully comply with privacy expectations.