My passion for cheese

Banana: “How can you eat that when there’s this at home?”

Me: “I’ll eat mac and cheese any day at any time over dollhouse ramen noodles.”

Banana: “I think I’m turned off by mac and cheese because that’s what made up most of my college diet.”

Me: “Ha ha ha! I think it only turned me on more!”

Banana: “Why don’t you add some sausage or something to it? It’ll taste better and be more nutritious.”

Me: “Nah, I like it plain. I never got why people cut up hot dogs or random meatballs and add them to mac and cheese. It’s fine just as it is.”

Banana (shaking her head): “Tsk.”

Give me stinky, soft cheeses with pate and maybe some champagne and I am one easily pleased lady 😉 I don’t think I’m high maintenance: I don’t need expensive bags, shoes or clothing. All my jewelry is custom made but have usually been gifts – not something I demanded.