Golf claps

Ever notice how the audience on the green with golfers clap reallllly softly? I know my snarky friends will say it when they’re mildly  entertained or feel the need to be sarcastic. A few days ago, I noticed an unfamiliar OkC user sn (it was such a lame sn that I knew it wasn’t anybody I was talking to) and it was only obvious from the entries selected that it was Beck using his new gf’s sn to bait me. If he’s found someone older than me who is only as mature as he is in games of revenge, I pity him. I thought she was a random chick who got to my site by mistake or (my fear) somehow my blog was elevated in search engines!

A look at her profile and my first thought was, “Omg, that’s Melody!” Beck’s college girlfriend! I don’t know if that occurred to him but he’s not always on his game to read/listen to his subconscious. Showed it to all my friends and some family and all I get is laughter and shakes of the head and the common thread of comments was Beck downgraded! or other commentary meant to prop me up, blah blah blah It just goes to show how much I don’t know Beck anymore – this angry, sad and hateful/hate-filled man isn’t who I met in 2009. The man I met was more hopeful, strong, sensual/sexual and beautiful: the man I absolutely  believed in and whose endeavors I supported whole-heartedly.  I know MamaD and PopS are going to see the same similarities to Melody as I did. I’m happy I have a face to recognize though it’s so typical/common, I know I probably won’t even realize it if I passed on by. I’m sorrowful for you, new girlfriend, because letting Beck use you to get to me AND you being okay with it shows the passive-aggressive person you are. It makes me glad that two immature (maybe it’s only one) and broken people found each other and are together. That kind of toxic mix isn’t what the “fish in the sea” needs to be around. So, let’s give a round of golf claps to my ex and his piece of ass.

Readers, want to know her sn? My vindictive ex was stupid to try to come up against me; my wrath is pristine and better crafted. He doesn’t even consider the extreme disrespect towards the daughter of two people (my parents) who have been very generous and kind to him. Beck can be smart but his fuck up’s (like deliberately hurting me more over words in my journal) would belie something else – how else could you rationalize twisting the knife in the person they raised and love?! He’s gotten free money every year from our cultural celebrations/holidays but his lapse in judgment is not for me to weigh: Karma will in lieu of a sincere apology. Would it just be more simple to post the new piece of ass’ pictures here alongside my recent ones? Let’s take a tally… Nah, just kidding, no poll I’m not the bitch my ex is ^_^ ::fist pumps into the air:: I’m sorry if you were hoping for that fun! My new frame of mind has to do with a few upcoming posts that will include shenanigans, sex and love ❤