It’s Christmas Eve

and I just got one of the funniest phone calls to close out the year (I doubt I’ll get one funnier to top it)!

Me: Allo?

Banana: D, mom wants to know if you wanna go hot pot for dinner? I told her I’d call to see if you’re feeling better?

Me: Ugh, I keep getting sicker every day so, I don’t think I can handle hot pot…

Banana: Is your Prone’s that bad?

Me: My what?!

Banana: Your Prone’s!

Me: Okay, slllowly, tell me what you’re saying and stay in one spot ’cause I think your cell is breaking up.

Banana: Your Prone’s that upsets your belly (“upsets your belly” is spoken in Chinglish)

Me: You mean Crohn‘s with a C?

Banana: Yeah! That! I couldn’t remember it but that it sounded like prunes-

Me (cracking up): Oh, if only kid, if only prunes were my issue!

Banana: Aw, then want me to bring home pizza for you?

Me: Nah, just gonna fast for a few days and try to figure out what’s extending this most recent messy bout.

Banana: You’re not going to eat!? How’s that healthy?

Me: Believe me, I’m starving but it’s better than going back on the prednisone and being all crazy from the energy and lack of sleep.

Banana: Your prunes suck.