A chill

is no longer an issue when I received this baby! I don’t like the waffle weave so popular in bathrobes these days. I find that the threads begin fraying after a few washes or easily snag on things which doesn’t indicate quality or longevity of the garment. I’ve been missing the $200 white terry cloth robe I had before the house fire but didn’t want to pay the price+inflation. Since I’m no longer tied up with Buki and the pets (I do and will keep visiting to make sure Whitey is on the up and up. Last Monday, I discovered him screaming in the house when I arrived. The oldest child said he’d been doing that all Sunday because of an injury he got. I tried scooping him up into my car but Whitey couldn’t handle it and hid under a heavy piece of furniture. At that point, Buki’s bus arrived and 15 after that, his new therapist. Whitey was hunched over at a weird angle but no longer crying, though I almost was because his vet’s office was closed… I’ll dedicate a different post to Whitey’s situation a little later because it’s too much and too unkind for an old animal), I have time on my hands before classes. It’s cold in my room and colder still after a hot bath 😛 I’m lucky that some people pay close attention to my ramblings and can infer to what I need without me saying a thing, tehehe. Thank you, my friend! The weight of this robe is nice and heavy and I love how it envelopes me – look into it if you’re on the search for a heavy 100% cotton (this is a must) spa/bath robe not only because it’s luxurious but it’s going to be around for a long time, too, with less maintenance than the waffle kind. Tip: Buy a size or two larger than you normally would wear because this is about a comfy, relaxing and indulgent experience; if you want sexy, go for the satin kimono robes I favor from VS or the silk ones from Princesse Tam Tam.