whoa sex

If you’ve noticed that some entries (most concerning Beck or my relationship with him) are now password protected, it’s because I’m no longer wrapped up in heart-exploding pain and anger. I know some of you return to read those entries (I’m flattered and I hope you’re finding some solace in my words) thus, I offer you the password if you would like it. Just shoot me a message or leave a comment that you do.

In addition, if you ask nicely and sincerely, I may change an entry or two (names or initials, too) if you feel you’re worth the change and can prove it to me. Show me, engage me on why I should take the time and bother at all! I can’t read your mind and without a dialogue between us, things will stay as they are.


I cringe everytime I start experimenting with, “Hmm, if I remove this button and uncheck this option, what will happen?” It’d be great if I could alter the font from one page to another. I like clean lines and easy access to things I’ve written. It’s saying something that I find the WP Admin too cluttered and I’m very capable of coping with clutter. But I need a digital format that isn’t linked to my hard drive so I don’t become catatonic if I have to wipe it clean from viruses/malware again. It’s also nice to know Google can’t read it looking for what I’m interested in. The two-step verification is brilliant unless you’re like me and you misplace your cell on the regular. I admit sometimes I’m too lazy to walk myself over to my bag, scoop out my cell and Kindle (it’s not as easy as it sounds, believe me! It’s a dark denim pit of ever circulating things into which I don’t always place my cell, Kindle and wallet) and then back up the stairs. Many people habitually charge their devices without checking if their batteries actually need juice and I’m the opposite: I check, wait for it to get nearly drained cause I don’t want to fry the battery/make it useless in holding a charge and then forget to hook it up to the wall. So, the phone needs to be within my reach and charged which means I give up/put off checking my email/blog/what-have-you because I’d just rather not put in the effort. Two-step beats sweating out a lapse in memory or having to think of a new, unbreakable/memorable password if I think my privacy has been compromised. I am secure knowing that my ex POS named Chris isn’t succeeding in breaking into my private correspondence and even if he could guess the pw, he can’t get a hold of my cell/me.

So yeah, still learning.

Oh! Ha, whoa sex is a phrase I used more often to describe uncanny events/coincidences involving me and the world at large 😉 In case you were wondering…

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